Psychological Reports

Psychological Reports

Psychological reports

Psychological reports are scientifically based, psychological examinations and assessments regarding a predefined question. They differ from a brief evaluation or psychological opinion both in context, i.e. usually for legal proceedings, state authorities, etc., so in a significantly greater scope.

There are different types respectively purposes of reports, among others the following are offered in this practice:

  • Suitability report
  • Expert opinion
  • Court report
  • Guardianship report

Expert opinion

An expert opinion is an assessment of the facts of a case ordered either by the subject, i.e. the client, or by the court on the basis of an already existing case or a pending case. This may include a second expert opinion, i.e. an assessment based on a previous expert opinion on the subject or client, in order to obtain a second professional opinion.


An assessment always includes establishing contact and a preliminary discussion to clarify the issues, taking a medical history including psychological diagnostics and drafting the assessment report.


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