Coaching means:

Advice, guidance, orientation

You assess, analyse and clarify situations in your private and/or professional life. We identify blockages to success and work together on your concerns, potentials and regulatory forces. As a result, you actively improve your self-management and therefore increase your personal success in interpersonal relationships and at work.

Together we develop quick, practical solutions for specific concerns, e.g. particular situations in your private or working life, in which you want to develop further or go new ways.

Individual Coaching:

Clearly defined problem situations with a focus on their solution, less on the cause. The coaching guides you in developing and integrating new approaches and helps you to unfold your potential.

  • Scope: 1-10 double sessions (90 min each), as needed

Group coaching:

Accompanying group processes, for example in a work context (teams in practices or companies). Group coaching not only serves to analyse and solve conflicts, but also accompanies change processes and team building initiatives. We always work in a resource-oriented way.

  • Scope: in accordance with individual agreement

Coaching – a view from the outside:

In our coaching sessions, we advise and accompany people with a „view from the outside“. From this perspective, coaching is intended to support learning and finding one’s own ways to solve problems. Together with the person concerned, we work on their ability to make decisions and work. In this way, the ability to self-regulate is strengthened and restored long-term.

Organisation of coaching sessions:

Introductory session:

  • Establishing contact – clarifying the setting (meeting places, working methods of the coach, clarification of the mission, confidentiality clause).
  • This session is always free of charge!

The coaching:

  1. Identifying the problem and determining the goal
  2. Clarification of the issue
  3. Examining and articulating possibilities for change
  4. Working on the problem and looking for solutions
  5. Checking the transfer of solutions
  6. Clarifying further needs
  7. Will the work be finished or will it be continued?
  8. Mutual feedback

Coaching process (other)

Points 2 – 4 are the core of the coaching process. Depending on the success rating, it may be necessary to repeat these phases several times within the coaching.

Immediate help: free of charge introductory session