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About us

About our practice

In our practice spaces individual therapists have come together for more than 20 years, united by a similar approach to treatment. This common basic concept was originally developed by Klaus Schaefer and Marianne Mack and is now being continued by the new generation. We are united by an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to therapy. The combination of individual and group therapy and the use of holistic methods, which are always anti-violent and respectful of boundaries, often enables profound and faster processes and therefore sustainable developments. Our therapeutic approach focuses on the person as a whole. With an empathic perspective on the connection between mind and body, we support and activate self-healing mechanisms. When the influence of the psyche reaches its limits and somatic symptoms are predominant, Amchi Lobsang Tsultrim, who we have been working with for many years, can assist with methods from Tibetan medicine.

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Our practice’s team

Dr.phil. Marianne Mack M.A.

Psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner

I’ve been working as a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner, psychodramatist, coach, lecturer, corporate social counsellor and yoga teacher for many years. In the context of coaching or therapy, I work with speech therapy methods, NLP and psychodrama, and in particular with non-verbal body-oriented techniques. […]

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M.Sc. Psych. Nicolai Schaefer

Psychologist & psychotherapist in training

I’m an M.Sc. psychologist and have been a psychological psychotherapist in training in the field of behavioural therapy in Leipzig since 2017. Since then I also have been working with people suffering from addiction at the Wermsdorf rehabilitation clinic, specialising in dual diagnoses, where I am both a care therapist and a group leader. […]

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Dr.rer.nat. Leonie Schmalfuß

Diploma psychologist & neuroscientist

I’m a psychologist (diploma) and a graduate neuroscientist. As a therapist, my attitude is particularly important to me: I focus on the person in their autonomy and dignity. Everyone has their own context of experience, unique conditioning and relationship experiences. […]

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Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Seliger

Diploma psychologist & psychotherapist

I am a diploma psychologist and a licensed psychotherapist (behavioural therapy). In my work together with you, it is important for me to develop an understanding of your very individual self-organisation and simultaneously to develop concrete possibilities for action for change together with you. […]

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