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People who approach us are at the end or beginning of a journey. They have fears, worries, difficulties in finding the right direction for them. They suffer from psychological difficulties, physical complaints and environmental reactions such as rejection, bullying or relationship problems. These people do not feel in flow with themselves and others. They are „trapped“.

We will help you to free yourself from these structures and get in touch with yourself. Together we work on root causes and develop new ways to be able to fully feel your own strength again and to be in your centre. The aim of our work is to guide people holistically on the path to themselves.

  • Free of charge introductory session
  • Fee by arrangement
  • Private payments or private health insurance
  • Cost reimbursement by arrangement

How we can support you

Our services


We work on urgent crises in short-term therapy – including root causes, underlying patterns and structures. Therapy offers a holistic approach at the level of thoughts, feelings, the body and inner images: Individually, in groups or as a couple.

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We work on clearly outlined topics – e.g. in the field of work or parenting. Coaching offers brief interventions for current issues: quick solutions for clearly defined, urgent problems.

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Psychological reports

We are able to provide you with suitability reports, factual reports, court reports or guardianship reports. The scope will be determined by your needs.
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If it’s urgent

Immediate help

There is a time in every crisis when the degree of suffering is so severe that you need immediate help. If the crisis is apparent, a phone call is all it takes and you will receive an appointment promptly. We always and in every case offer a first consultation free of charge to assess the current situation.

We’re here for you

Our team

Dr.phil. Marianne Mack M.A.

Psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner

I’ve been working as a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner, psychodramatist, coach, lecturer, corporate social counsellor and yoga teacher for many years. In the context of coaching or therapy, I work with speech therapy methods, NLP and psychodrama, and in particular with non-verbal body-oriented techniques. […]

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M.Sc. Psych. Nicolai Schaefer

Psychologist & psychotherapist in training

I’m an M.Sc. psychologist and have been a psychological psychotherapist in training in the field of behavioural therapy in Leipzig since 2017. Since then I also have been working with people suffering from addiction at the Wermsdorf rehabilitation clinic, specialising in dual diagnoses, where I am both a care therapist and a group leader. […]

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Dr.rer.nat. Leonie Schmalfuß

Diploma psychologist & neuroscientist

I’m a psychologist (diploma) and a graduate neuroscientist. As a therapist, my attitude is particularly important to me: I focus on the person in their autonomy and dignity. Everyone has their own context of experience, unique conditioning and relationship experiences. […]

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Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Seliger

Diploma psychologist & psychotherapist

I am a diploma psychologist and a licensed psychotherapist (behavioural therapy). In my work together with you, it is important for me to develop an understanding of your very individual self-organisation and simultaneously to develop concrete possibilities for action for change together with you. […]

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Immediate help: free of charge introductory session