Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Seliger

Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Seliger

Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Seliger

Diploma Psychologist &

Phone: +49 163 695 0727
E-Mail: kerstin.seliger@zpunkt.eu

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I am a diploma psychologist and a licensed psychotherapist (behavioural therapy). In my work together with you, it is important for me to develop an understanding of your very individual self-organisation and simultaneously to develop concrete possibilities for action for change together with you.

The central point of this process is to uncover and reconstruct early acquired beliefs and mechanisms and thus make them visible to the consciousness, but also to get in touch with yourself emotionally. This is a requirement for more inner freedom, choice and greater room for action.

Before I placed my professional focus exclusively on this practice at the beginning of 2021, I accompanied people with addiction disorders for many years. But I also worked as a lecturer in the field of psychology / psychotherapy time and again.

I would like to support and accompany you transparently and at eye level in the process of getting to know yourself better and to give impulses to promote your self-development and to take your own steps that have become necessary.

In addition to my knowledge of behavioural therapy, I use my many years of experience with hypnotherapeutic methods, techniques of systemic therapy and psychodrama as well as body-centred psychotherapy methods. In addition, the concept of the inner child plays a recurring role. But no matter which method is applied, your self-determination, non-violence and a focus on resources are always central.