Dr.rer.nat. Leonie Schmalfuß

Dr.rer.nat. Leonie Schmalfuß

Dr.rer.nat. Leonie Schmalfuß

Diploma psychologist & neuroscientist

Phone: +49 176 23900038

E-Mail: leonie.schmalfuss@zpunkt.eu

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I am a psychologist (diploma) and a graduate neuroscientist. As a therapist, my attitude is particularly important to me: I focus on the person in their autonomy and dignity. Everyone has their own context of experience, unique conditioning and relationship experiences. In the work together, old wounds are to be healed and old / stuck patterns are to be released in order to free oneself today from automated behaviour. I want to help release the power that lies within each person and unlock new potential.

My approach to therapy has developed from very different life experiences: My work in the field of acute psychiatry, the work with physically impaired people during my doctoral thesis, several longer stays abroad as well as an additional study of philosophy. Instead of only working on cognitive problems, we actively engage the whole person in therapy. For example, through the use of body-oriented methods, in addition to understanding, we also experience, which is an effective way of facilitating change. Depending on need and necessity, I work with different methods, including psychodrama, the concept of the inner child, Hakomi as well as conversational and behavioral therapy. Whether coaching or therapy: my goal is to help people (re)find their own centre and to go through life with new strength and more clarity – in this way, the crisis can become an opportunity.

It is important for me to guide people back to their own autonomy: everything you need to solve your problems has always been within you. Together we work on mechanisms in which you are stuck, discover the roots and meaning of such behaviour and work out a new freedom for you to make decisions for yourself and your life consciously and with dignity.

The focus will be on your individual abilities and resources and the awareness of being able to unfold them. The use of body-centred techniques makes this possible.