Nicolai Schaefer M. Sc.

Nicolai Schaefer M. Sc.

Nicolai Schaefer

Psychologist & psychological psychotherapist in training

Phone: +49 172 997 4520

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I am an M.Sc. psychologist and have been a psychological psychotherapist in training in the field of behavioural therapy in Leipzig since 2017. Since 2017, I also have been working with people suffering from addiction at the Wermsdorf rehabilitation clinic, specialising in dual diagnoses, where I am both a care therapist and a group leader. Since 2016, I have also been working as an assistant for our Tibetan doctor Amchi Lobsang, who visits Leipzig three times a year and works with clients in our office.

Originally raised in Cologne, I went abroad to study psychology – in the Netherlands and then in Switzerland. I then settled in Leipzig and have been practising since 2020. Due to my experiences abroad, I also offer therapy in English.

Due to my many years of working with substance abuse disorders, my expertise is in working with both the „classic“ addictions (drugs, alcohol, medication) and the newer addictions (video games, media, pornography). Due to my focus on dual diagnoses, I also frequently treat depression, anxiety, trauma and ADHD.

In psychotherapy, I increasingly use body-centred methods, methods of mindfulness as well as elements from psychodrama, Hakomi and schema therapy. The main focus is on experiencing internal roles or parts and on creating and trying out new aspects – also working with the inner child. This is done through the use of role reversal techniques, imagination exercises and breathing techniques. This process should be considered in its holistic aspect.

In the therapeutic work it is important for me to consider new approaches in life, solutions to problems and strategies in everyday life together. In crises in life, I understand my role as that of a companion. We will find a way together.